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Balance.. The Key to living longer??

What do I need to do to live longer and healthier? A question we get asked every single day. We don’t have a crystal ball but there are a handful of tests you can take to determine your chances of living longer. One such test involves balance. Firstly, see how long you can stand on […]

Pilates- What’s It All About

Transverse Abdominus… Bridging… Table top…Neutral Spine… For those who don’t understand this lingo, you probably haven’t tried pilates. Over the past few years, pilates has become one of the most popular form of exercise and it doesn’t miss anyone. Male, Female, Younger, Older.. Everyone is getting on board. Basically, pilates is all about GOOD movement. […]

What is “the core”

The 4 “core” muscles have a very specific function. They work together to allow adequate stability of the vertebrae and joints in your lower to middle part of your back. They work together in conjunction with different muscles such as your abdominals to allow stable movement with good force distribution across all areas of the […]

Opening hours over the Easter Period:

Our Practice hours over the Easter period are: Easter Thursday 13th April:  7am – 6pm Good Friday 14th April:   Closed Saturday 15th April:   8am – 12 midday Monday 17th April:   Closed Tuesday 18th April:   7am – 4:30pm Normal opening hours resume on Tuesday 18th April 2017. If you experience an emergency out of hours, please […]

Prevention is better than Cure

Times have changed, and we no longer advise our patients to wait until break down before they come and see us.  Don’t ignore the warning signs. If you: Suffer from ongoing niggles, aches and pains Have had a previous episode of severe pain Know it’s time for a ‘grease and oil change’ …then take advantage […]

Feel fantastic this year

Pilates is the perfect work out helping you to look good and feel great.   You can improve your Posture, tone strength and flexibility with even one simple workout per week.

Health fund and Medicare rebates reset from January 1*

Most health funds reset their rebates in January so if you have any aches or pains that need to be seen, come in now and get your year off to a great start. If you’ve been referred previously by your GP for Physio under Medicare, from 1st of January you may be able to receive […]

A quick health tip for your next trip.

If you’re travelling these holidays, AVOID lifting your suitcase as soon as you arrive.  Bending and lifting (especially from a seated position) can increase the pressure on your lower back by a massive 175%. Stand, stretch and walk around for a couple of minutes before you unload. …and if you really want to be kind […]

A ‘cool’ trick to improve your posture

As you read this, pretend someone poured a cold drink down your back.  Notice how your shoulders pull back and your spine curves.  It’s a great way to stop yourself from slouching.  Do it as often as you can remember!

The Couch to 5km running Program

The Couch to 5km running program (C25K) is designed to get beginners from couch potatoes to 5K distance runners in 9 weeks. It involves walking jogging, rest periods and rest days. Do yourself a favour and get active with the C25K program.  Click here for a copy of the program – or download it from […]