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Balance.. The Key to living longer??

What do I need to do to live longer and healthier? A question we get asked every single day. We don’t have a crystal ball but there are a handful of tests you can take to determine your chances of living longer. One such test involves balance. Firstly, see how long you can stand on […]

What is “the core”

The 4 “core” muscles have a very specific function. They work together to allow adequate stability of the vertebrae and joints in your lower to middle part of your back. They work together in conjunction with different muscles such as your abdominals to allow stable movement with good force distribution across all areas of the […]

A quick health tip for your next trip.

If you’re travelling these holidays, AVOID lifting your suitcase as soon as you arrive.  Bending and lifting (especially from a seated position) can increase the pressure on your lower back by a massive 175%. Stand, stretch and walk around for a couple of minutes before you unload. …and if you really want to be kind […]

A ‘cool’ trick to improve your posture

As you read this, pretend someone poured a cold drink down your back.  Notice how your shoulders pull back and your spine curves.  It’s a great way to stop yourself from slouching.  Do it as often as you can remember!

Soft Tissue Injury

Soft tissue injury is an injury to any of the soft tissues of the body. The most common soft tissues injured are muscles, tendons, and ligaments. These injuries often occur during sports and exercise activities, but sometimes simple everyday activities can cause an injury. Sprains, strains, and contusions, as well as tendinitis and bursitis, are […]

Wake Up & Drink!

Sleep promotes dehydration, so drink a glass of water before slurping your tea or coffee when you first wake up. Make this a daily habit and you’ll soon notice the difference, and be hydrated from the start of your day!

Groin Strain

A groin strain is a relatively common condition characterized by tearing of some or all of the groin muscles. The muscles at the inner aspect of your thigh are known as the adductor muscles (groin). These muscles originate from the pelvis and insert into the inner aspect of the thigh and lower leg bones.   […]

The Importance of Prehab

Most people have heard of Rehabilitation, the undertaking of treatment and exercise regime following an injury. Some studies are now showing the effectiveness of undertaking Physiotherapy treatment and an exercise program designed to help reduce symptoms and strengthen a particular body area BEFORE undergoing surgery to repair the injury. This is called Prehabilitation. Injuries to […]

Arthritis – Our well known Friend

Years ago, arthritis was considered an inherent part of the aging process and a signal to a patient that it’s time to slow down, but not so anymore. Recent research and clinical findings show that there is much more to life for arthritis patients than the traditional recommendation of bed rest and drug therapy. What […]

Bad news on your MRI?

Does your MRI look scary? Have a look at this image and see why you shouldn’t panic. Disc bulges and degeneration are much more common than you think. See your physio and get a full explanation.