Hamstring injuries are the most common injury seen across sports involving running.

A Danish study using a simple 10 week strengthening program resulted in an amazing  70% reduction of hamstring injuries, and a staggering 85% reduction of hamstring re-injuries.

Try this program yourself and help prevent injuring your hamstring this season.


Hamstring Nordic Pre-hab program

Starting position:              Kneeling with feet fixed (usually supported by someone else).



With feet fixed, you should fall forward slowly and use hamstring to control your descent for as long as possible.   When you can’t control the descent any further, you can catch yourself on the table/floor with your hands.  Use your hands, (not your hamstrings) to push yourself back up to the starting position to decrease concentric load to the hamstrings.



Load is increased as the athlete can withstand the forward fall longer. When managing to withstand the whole range for 12 reps, increase load by adding speed to the starting phase of the motion.  The partner can increase load by pushing at the back of the shoulders.



If you are on your own, use an object (eg a couch) to fix your feet under.  You may use a fit ball to help control the lowering if you have very little



10 week program             Sessions per week               Reps

Week 1                                            1 session                      2 x 5 reps

Week 2                                            2 sessions                    2x 6 reps

Week 3                                            3 sessions                    3 x 6-8 reps

Week 4                                            3 sessions                    3 x 8-10 reps

Weeks 5 – 10                                  3 sessions                    3 sets of 12,  3 sets of 10,  3 sets of 8 (total 90 reps)


Click here for a printable version of this program.


Good luck – and if you have any questions or any problem with your hamstrings, don’t hesitate to call Bounce Physio on 3822-2122.