Rehabilitation of damaged and/or injured bodily functions is the core of physical therapy and rehabilitative exercises are one those activities that actuate this objective.

Rehabilitative exercises help strengthen the affected area and thus help the brain to reconnect to the injured area. Bounce Physiotherapy’s practitioners will first restore function in the injured area, and then prescribe specific rehabilitative exercises to reinforce the healing therapies and processes.

Spinal Stability Training

From the low back all the way up to the neck, there are hundreds of tiny muscles in the spine that attach from vertebrae to vertebrae. Larger muscles pull from these foundation muscles. Subluxation or injury is more likely to occur if the foundation or your spine is weak. When not in regular use, muscles of the core and spine tend to atrophy. People who sit at a desk or are inactive most of the day are almost certain to have a weak core and spine as a component of their condition. Clients that have a strong core and muscles around the spine tend to have fewer injuries, and when they do, they heal and bounce back quicker.

Other Exercises

There are specific exercises for the knees, shoulders, and other parts of the body that have been affected by injury. Your progress will be slow and move gradually to more difficult exercises if you are recovering from surgery. A weak core and spine can negatively affect your recovery, so core and spinal exercise will nearly always be part of your rehab program.