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Gemma Artes

Gemma Artes

Gemma is a Pilates Instructor who uses a variety of different styles and equipment when teaching her classes. Utilising her traditional pilates background, 11years of sports therapy massage and barre skills, Gemma is able to provide a well rounded repertoire for all levels without exhaustion or injury.

Gemma helps her clients build lean, strong muscles through dynamic movement and proper alignment, challenging them to move better, stand taller and feel healthier and more balanced. She takes great pride in assisting clients to improve their quality of life through a regular effective workout.


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Great New Bounce Physio LocationVictoria Point

We're excited to announce the opening of our FIFTH location on Monday, 20/1/20 at Victoria Point:

Victoria Point Medical and Dental Centre
349 - 369 Colburn Avenue.

For further information and appointments, please call 07 3822 9368 or CLICK HERE!

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